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This week we have had the pleasure of having the incredibly talented 16-year old student, Izzy, with us at Together HQ. Izzy has just finished her exams and is exploring options within the creative world of work. She has always loved immersing herself in art and we have loved having her spend a few days at the Together office as part of her work experience. Here she tells us a bit more about herself.

1. Why did you want to work at Together for your work experience?

Firstly I wanted to see what working in a creative field would be like. I’ve always been interested in pursuing something design related as I feel it can incorporate both my love for art and maths. I also wanted to have my first work experience at a smaller, friendly agency rather than an overwhelming, large company.

2. What were the best bits about this week and the bits that surprised or challenged you about it?

I really enjoyed the project for a scientific society and observing the creative process where every element of the design is looked at in so much detail.

I probably found it most challenging getting to the office as I live on the complete opposite side of London. I also found it slightly difficult to understand some of the conversations as the design terminology sounded a bit like a foreign language.

3. What projects did you get to work on during your time with us?

Prix Pictet Photography prize, Tweakit and a new branding project for a scientific society.

4. What was your favourite bit of work you produced while working with us?

The illustrations I did for a scientific society using fine liner, experimenting with both thick and thin line work.

5. Tell me about a design project that you’re proud of and walk us through your process/the mediums you like to use.

For my GCSE final piece, I had to produce an outcome that concluded the project titled ‘Beginning and End’. As this is a very vague title I developed it a lot over the year and ended up looking at COVID-19 as a case study. I initially researched symptoms and produced responses. I then explored the mental impacts of isolation. I took a series of photographs of myself and created collages to figure out the composition. I then wanted to include textiles so I experimented painting on linen, canvas and surgical masks. I ended up using acrylic paint because of its versatility and ability to achieve detail along with surgical masks to create the illusion of hospital scrubs.

6. What were your first creative experiences, and what made you want to explore it further at school?

When my auntie used to look after us, she always set up art and craft activities. I remember my sister and I used to draw around each other and paint to-scale pictures of one another. I had an extremely unsuccessful card making business which I was really invested in, but my passion for art was still there and that’s what made me want to continue in school. This lead to me taking GCSE and A level art (next year).

7. Do you have any particular artistic influences? Where do you find inspiration?

My mum has always taken me to art galleries in London and abroad; my favourites are immersive exhibitions like Yayoi Kusama and Antony Gormley. As well as exhibitions, whilst living in Singapore, we would visit temples where I would sit and sketch; my favourite was Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

My Great Aunt is a set and costume designer and I have always been inspired by her sketches, yet probably my greatest influence, was my primary school art teacher. She really developed my love for art.

8. Where, or what, is your happy place?

Swimming in the river with my friends on a hot day.

9. What do you see yourself doing in five years time?

I would like to have taken a foundation art year and gone to university (not sure what for though). Hopefully I would have a job and moved out of home, although it is convenient having a free place to stay in London.

I would like to travel with my best friend and return to Asia or travel through South America, badly speaking Spanish.

10. Where can we see more of your work?

I have a digital portfolio on Instagram: where I post both school and personal art.

Together Design with Izzy Sinclair

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