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Together Design Fortnum & Mason Food Packaging Design

This world-famous retailer has been making exquisite and delightfully packaged food since 1707. We continued their tradition of excellence, with a deliciously engaging concept for their innovative chocolate biscuits.

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Together Design Fortnum and Mason Chocolate Biscuits Food Packaging

Surprising splashes

For Fortnum & Mason’s first ‘fully enrobed’ chocolate biscuits, we focused on their chocolate covered nature. Reflecting the brand’s traditional wit and narrative visual style, each pack humorously depicts the coating of the biscuits with a chocolate splash, from cows blowing chocolate from a horn, to a chocolate spouting whale.

Together Design Fortum & Mason
Together Design Fortum & Mason

Tailored narratives

The specific ingredients and their origins influenced the design of the backdrop, upon which we brought to life the individual storytelling. All the illustrations were developed in-house at Together, and the narratives make clever use of the unusual cylindrical packaging formats.

A forever Fortnum fixture

Thanks to the quirky but luxurious packaging concept, not to mention the sheer deliciousness of the products, the collection swiftly attained timeless classic status, with a permanent position in Fortnum & Mason’s portfolio.

Together Design Fortum & Mason Food Packaging Design

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