Style guides

If designing your visual identity is the first step, defining it clearly and making it easy to use is the next challenge. We devise beautiful yet practical guidelines that bring everything together into an essential resource for everyone from internal staff to external suppliers. Having created ‘brand bibles’ in many formats, we believe that the best ones are a series of balancing acts; rules versus inspiration, personality versus mechanics. Success means combining the perfect articulation of your brand, with the technical delivery of hundreds of assets and a wealth of guidance. It’s a hard trick to pull off, but we’re dab hands at it.

Our style guides have brought welcome clarity to organisations across a wide range of sectors, including licensing, retail, beauty, food and drink, education, software, pharma and healthcare. We’ve developed the rules and delivered them in inspiring and practical guides that have transformed branding and communications for clients such as Peter Rabbit, Gordon’s Gin, Epicor, Pearson, The Gruffalo, Haws and Penguin.

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